Wednesday, August 27, 2008

To my deareast friends - I miss you all !

Lately I have been so lazy to catching up with my friends in Malaysia. It could be a long distance connection is hard to keep up with and also the buziness of everyone. Some are pregnant ,some are busy with their families and some might be too busy to socialize as well.

Well, I have been tired of calling each people every week over the phone. Sometime I thought of why I haven't get any calls from my friends over the country to say Hello or even chit chat? Aren't friendship is two ways of communications ?

Today, I got an email from San and she is my best friend whom grew up with me. I always treat her like a younger sister although she is grwoning up now. I should thanks her for the true fren feeling with me. Sometime is so hard for me to tell people that I love them but I find a better way to say it here. I do really love all my dearest friends who cheer me up , make me laugh , tease me when I do silly things and etc. When I fall down, you all always there be with me to be strong. Thanks for everything you all have done for me.You all are the best friends I ever met.

I wish I can have get together with you all more times in Malaysia so that we can have alot of funs and laughs together. I still missing the mamak stall chit chat when we have nothing to do at night. I miss the times when we teased someone for the high school rumors..... what a sweet memories in my mind till now.

Sunday, August 17, 2008

Get together party for See Teng

Hui fun organized a small party for See Teng farewell last night. See Teng is here for her 3 months internship at houston. Today, she will be back to school at Baton Rouge. What a sad thing to say that she will be missing since she had bringing alot of laughs to us in the past and we will missing how likely she loves buffet.

We had a delicious dinners with mooncakes. I gave a tumb up for the foods and foods again. We had some chatting about on going things and also the exciting to watch the onlympic events on TV. I had a great night there.

If you ever asked me what I am thinking of See Teng ? I would say : Young, Cutie, Sweet and Energetic gal. I hope she will be blessed for her next journey in Baton Rouge and future. Thanks again for the funs you have brought to us gal !

Cutes Wild Mushrooms

Have you ever seen the wild mushrooms in your neighbourhood ? I have seen alot of tiny little wild mushrooms grow in my apartment today morning. They look so beautiful but they are dangerous.

Today morning we walked out from our apartment and I saw something is so beautiful - it's wild mushrooms. It shapes like a flower with the black and white color. I have never seen this kind of wild mushrooms here before but I enjoyed watching them at the moment.

I took a few pictures of these beautiful plants and the wild mushrooms in the pictures look great! I would say this is the good shot I had for today.

My new baby - Canon 40d

Yahooooo ! Unbelievable how exciting I was at the moment the usps officer develiered the parcel to my door. I finally have it now since we order 40d on monday morning. It's Aug 15, 2008 and my first day of stepping into photography world! I can feel the heart beats, the excitments and adventures now.

I have seen tons of nice and inspiring photos from others but not me. I envy them and I love photography alot! Here I have my dream came through and I can shoot as many as I want and have my own photography style.

Can't wait to take some good pics and of coz I am still a newbie. Yay !