Thursday, September 18, 2008

Hungry day!

Unbelievable that I ate two meals for my lunch today. I was extremely starving since morning and I went lunch early than usual. After finished a pork chop with rice and a cup of fruits, my stomach still feel empty. Wow ! I am just like a hunger who has not eat for a week.

So I ended up getting another porkchop with rice from the cafeteria again. This time, I started feeling my stomach is filling up but not 100% full. Hmm, what is going on to me ? Am I crazy for today ? I hope not.

Perhaps an ice cream would be good for after meal dessert. Hhahahhaha......

By the way, the pork chop is really tasted good. Yum.....

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

More Wild Mushrooms in my neigborhood

It has been a while I saw wild mushrooms everyday in my neighborhood daily. They all are in different shape, colors and size. I was attracted to look for wild mushrooms during my morning walk. I am just like a kid who curious about new things daily and I keep looking for new kind of wild mushrooms. Another kind of wild mushrooms are showed in the pictures above.
Amazing huh ?

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Sweet Cake, Sweet Gifts and Sweet Friends !

Today, I am officially turning 30. Yahooooo Time fly! People said women turning 30 is beautiful and I hope we all stay young and pretty(Let's hope!). I got alot of greetings from friends in Houston and also from Malaysia. The best gifts i got today is all your greetings and I love it.

30 is just a begining for another path of my life. I am exciting for this adventure and I hope I could do more and do not waste my times any more. All my b-day wish is a simple and relax day for me. How simple could it be right ?

Last night, my good friends came to my house and throwning a suprise b-day party to me. I kinda sense it for the whole day but not mentioned it out. I could see how nice you guys treated me as a friend and I really feel that I am luckly to have friends like you all. Thanks and I really appreciated it !

My buddy-Hui Fun bought me a cheese cake, it's beautiful and also tasty. I love the cake very much and I really feel touch that she had preparing the cake for me. Thanks again for the cake and your thoughtful care.

Thanks to Helena for getting me a gift and I do really like it. She got me a fruit taste of candle perfume. She is so sweet man.

I would smile when I got a greetings from friend through phone, email , text msg , MSN msg and etc. Thanks for remembering my big day and I know you all care about me as I do.

What would be more happier than having a bunch of good friends with you ? I feel blessing.