Thursday, April 3, 2008

Stressing day !

I have been stressing out alot lately and mainly is because my career and future bothering me so much. I ain't happy like I used to be and I have been thinking all day long.

I have been placed back to my office about 7th weeks for doing nothing except studying. 7th week is so long for me and I never been on the office that long. I bet no one would like go back to the office since we all know is very boring and tedious place. Once you are back to the office and you have no idea when and which is your next assignment. The worse come to worse is they laying off people from time to time. No body would like to talks and they are worrying who will be the next. What a day ?

They had let go some of my closed coworkers recently. This is one of the reason I am upset lately as well. Sometime, I do hope they will let me go so that I can break the tense. Everyday, I keep asking myself when can I get out of this bad situation? I circling myself with this questions and I become more depressing.

Today, I think this is not healthy for me being so depress. I don't feel being depress will help me. I would like to see the smilling face and happy heart. Nothing I can do in this bad situation and why not I stay optimistic to pray for something good come to me soon?

Please pray for me to get more lucks! Let's hope tomorrow I will be better than today.

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