Friday, April 24, 2009





I am still working hard to lose my weight!

Last month, I was so motivated to work on my lose weight plan. The plan worked fine for me as I can see my weight goes down. Unfortunately, I get some pain issues from both the legs and back, my Dr. advised me to stop work out on heavy exercise. Hence, I stop gym exercise and only get some light walks after dinner some times.

Surprisingly that I still manage to maintain 129 lbs after a month after stopped exercise. I am glad and feel good that all my hard works do pay off. Once in a while I still struggle with Milk Tea( although I know it's bad for my health) and some chocolates. Ahhh, I tried to take as less as I can do. These days my stomach start making noise on night time and I am learning to stop taking foods after dinner. I hope it will get use to it soon.

I am start practicing to eat healthy (less sugar, less salt, less oils) and quit some of my bad munching habits. Hope this will be on going and my lose weight plan will work for me.
p/s: I do regret not going to gym while I can and healthy. It's a lesson learn do what you can do when u still can .....

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Hang in there Joann !

I have been talking to a few good frens and we all working hard on losing weight plan. I do beleive every girl always claim herself looks fatty. I dont want to be very slim look but I only hope I can have my ideal weight 120lbs that make me looks healthy and pretty.

I have been keeping up with losing weight for 4 weeks nows and I believe I am doing good. I tried to go to gym for 3-4 times per week and a few times I do lazy to go exercise. Whenever I feel lazy to go gym and I will confess myself to one of my frens who workout everyday and she will motivate me go to gym and not feeling guilty anymore.

Today I weight myself and I still maintain around 130 lbs. I feel happy because I still maintaining my weight after taking lot of foods over the weekend. I should workout harder this week and eat light for dinner.

"Hang in there Joann !" That's what i told myself. I want to make progress to 128 for this week. Let's get the gear on !

Friday, February 27, 2009

Dream !

I have been reading Louis Pang's blog alot lately and I was inspired by his motivation on photography. Through the blog, I was touched and he is a man with lot of passion. "Work with Passion and run further as you can!". Nice words.

I asked myself do I have any dream? I was stunned there for a minute and no answer from me. I have nothing I am passion or in love with. I get myself to familiar with everything that my surroundding frens playing with but I aint getting any expertise.
Sigh! What a loser ?

I should have start planning what I am going after for my life. I should have a dream that I beleive I could get it done. Uh.. I will spending my lazy afternoon to think about this.

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Get back to Gym !

I have been so motivated go to gym and my weight was dropping till 130.2 lb last week but unfortunately my Dr told me that I should not work out so extensively as my back still hurting me. My Dr. advised me to take some walk for my exercise and I know if I stopped all my gym exercise and it will be hard for me to lose more weight. Well, I have to walk longer in order to keep my weigth. However, I had catched up cold and sick for a day and hence I have no been to the gym since last week. I feel guilty for not being to exercise and lose control for my diet. Badly me !

I can see I am lack of determination and I probably will stop exercising evertually. Nah! I wont let this happened. My hubby told he will go to gym and I think I should better go to gym as well for some power walk and get some sweats. Grabbed my exercise bag and waiting to go to gym after work!

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Keep It Up JoAnn ! 持之以恒 !

I feel better today as I weighted myself this morning and my weight being dropped from 133lbs to 131.8 lbs now. My weight lose plan is working great for me. I aint feel hungry or craving for any kind of foods. I just stick with the principle for eat more times but small portions and concsistently work out. I beleive this time I can lose some weight and my ideal weight is 120 lbs. I keep reminding myself go to gym after works for healthy and weight lose reasons. I feel good when I seeing my weight is dropping down.

Big thanks to my frens who remind me their determination go to gym everyday and they are eating less foods. If they can do it so do I. Looking forward go to gym for sweating again!

After spoke to a few close frens I realzed that they are good with determination and that's why they are losing lot of weight but not me yet. I figured out all of my failures is caused of lack of the determination and I need to be persistence to my workout.持之以恒 is what I need. I shall practice on my consistent from now onward and let's see how it goes from time to time.

Friday, February 6, 2009

Yes ! I made it!

Ah ha ! I have losing 2 lbs from 135 to 133 now. I feel good when my hubby told me that I look good. I feel good and confident when my friends told me that I have lose some weights. That's really nice to hear the praise although I am not skinny enough. But I am on my way to working towards my ideal weight.

I have been consistently go to gym 3-4 times per week. I have been controlling myself to cut down the foods even thought some time I failed but I made it through lot of times. Yahoooo! One of my best frens skip lunch and she back to her before pregnancy weight and I was so mad at myself because I am eating without control. I keep telling myself I want to be pretty and I also just eating fruits for lunch and go gym after work. Yey, Pretty gal always skinny.

I believe determination and patient is important especially you want to lose some weight. I dislike myself being ugly fatty women in the photos and I always telling my frens that I want to be hot mama if I have a bb. Hehheheheh!

Anyway, I feel confident if I can be skinny and dress nicely. 55 kg here I am coming.

Here are my ways to lose weight :
- More meals but less portion everyday
- 4 hours before sleep no more foods(including fruits)
- Exercise everyday if possible (at least 3-4 timesper week)
- Eat healthy
- One day in a week eat whatever you like so that you are satisfy with food
- Skip/Eat less for lunch