Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Fail and New Start

It's hard to admit that I failed on my this year goals. I set up myself with so many goals and make myself harder and harder to breath. I been streesing out alot throughout the year. My life is up and down like the weather.

I have been complaining alot regarding life and job and etc. Well, it's useless no matter what I told because I have to face my life by myself but not the others. I came to know the more pains the more I will be learning. I kinda awake by now that I should shut up and keep patient to work towards my gaols one step by step.

Many thanks to friend those cheer me up and many thanks to my loving hubby for patient and understanding. Let's no worries now , I know what I want and what I should be doing. I feel relax and worries free.

Here my little goal for 2 months. I had a bet with my best friend to lose weight : 5 kg in 2 months. It been a little off the edge because the prize for this bet is expensive and also the punishment for this bet is harsh to put on 5 extra kg. Wow .... Never said never. I try my best and every possibilities way to lose my weight. Exercise and diet are what I plan for lose weight. I have to learn be determine and patient. Another good way for exercise is to built up my health. I am so weak lately. I need to be strong.

55kg , here I come !

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Hungry day!

Unbelievable that I ate two meals for my lunch today. I was extremely starving since morning and I went lunch early than usual. After finished a pork chop with rice and a cup of fruits, my stomach still feel empty. Wow ! I am just like a hunger who has not eat for a week.

So I ended up getting another porkchop with rice from the cafeteria again. This time, I started feeling my stomach is filling up but not 100% full. Hmm, what is going on to me ? Am I crazy for today ? I hope not.

Perhaps an ice cream would be good for after meal dessert. Hhahahhaha......

By the way, the pork chop is really tasted good. Yum.....

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

More Wild Mushrooms in my neigborhood

It has been a while I saw wild mushrooms everyday in my neighborhood daily. They all are in different shape, colors and size. I was attracted to look for wild mushrooms during my morning walk. I am just like a kid who curious about new things daily and I keep looking for new kind of wild mushrooms. Another kind of wild mushrooms are showed in the pictures above.
Amazing huh ?

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Sweet Cake, Sweet Gifts and Sweet Friends !

Today, I am officially turning 30. Yahooooo Time fly! People said women turning 30 is beautiful and I hope we all stay young and pretty(Let's hope!). I got alot of greetings from friends in Houston and also from Malaysia. The best gifts i got today is all your greetings and I love it.

30 is just a begining for another path of my life. I am exciting for this adventure and I hope I could do more and do not waste my times any more. All my b-day wish is a simple and relax day for me. How simple could it be right ?

Last night, my good friends came to my house and throwning a suprise b-day party to me. I kinda sense it for the whole day but not mentioned it out. I could see how nice you guys treated me as a friend and I really feel that I am luckly to have friends like you all. Thanks and I really appreciated it !

My buddy-Hui Fun bought me a cheese cake, it's beautiful and also tasty. I love the cake very much and I really feel touch that she had preparing the cake for me. Thanks again for the cake and your thoughtful care.

Thanks to Helena for getting me a gift and I do really like it. She got me a fruit taste of candle perfume. She is so sweet man.

I would smile when I got a greetings from friend through phone, email , text msg , MSN msg and etc. Thanks for remembering my big day and I know you all care about me as I do.

What would be more happier than having a bunch of good friends with you ? I feel blessing.

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

To my deareast friends - I miss you all !

Lately I have been so lazy to catching up with my friends in Malaysia. It could be a long distance connection is hard to keep up with and also the buziness of everyone. Some are pregnant ,some are busy with their families and some might be too busy to socialize as well.

Well, I have been tired of calling each people every week over the phone. Sometime I thought of why I haven't get any calls from my friends over the country to say Hello or even chit chat? Aren't friendship is two ways of communications ?

Today, I got an email from San and she is my best friend whom grew up with me. I always treat her like a younger sister although she is grwoning up now. I should thanks her for the true fren feeling with me. Sometime is so hard for me to tell people that I love them but I find a better way to say it here. I do really love all my dearest friends who cheer me up , make me laugh , tease me when I do silly things and etc. When I fall down, you all always there be with me to be strong. Thanks for everything you all have done for me.You all are the best friends I ever met.

I wish I can have get together with you all more times in Malaysia so that we can have alot of funs and laughs together. I still missing the mamak stall chit chat when we have nothing to do at night. I miss the times when we teased someone for the high school rumors..... what a sweet memories in my mind till now.

Sunday, August 17, 2008

Get together party for See Teng

Hui fun organized a small party for See Teng farewell last night. See Teng is here for her 3 months internship at houston. Today, she will be back to school at Baton Rouge. What a sad thing to say that she will be missing since she had bringing alot of laughs to us in the past and we will missing how likely she loves buffet.

We had a delicious dinners with mooncakes. I gave a tumb up for the foods and foods again. We had some chatting about on going things and also the exciting to watch the onlympic events on TV. I had a great night there.

If you ever asked me what I am thinking of See Teng ? I would say : Young, Cutie, Sweet and Energetic gal. I hope she will be blessed for her next journey in Baton Rouge and future. Thanks again for the funs you have brought to us gal !

Cutes Wild Mushrooms

Have you ever seen the wild mushrooms in your neighbourhood ? I have seen alot of tiny little wild mushrooms grow in my apartment today morning. They look so beautiful but they are dangerous.

Today morning we walked out from our apartment and I saw something is so beautiful - it's wild mushrooms. It shapes like a flower with the black and white color. I have never seen this kind of wild mushrooms here before but I enjoyed watching them at the moment.

I took a few pictures of these beautiful plants and the wild mushrooms in the pictures look great! I would say this is the good shot I had for today.

My new baby - Canon 40d

Yahooooo ! Unbelievable how exciting I was at the moment the usps officer develiered the parcel to my door. I finally have it now since we order 40d on monday morning. It's Aug 15, 2008 and my first day of stepping into photography world! I can feel the heart beats, the excitments and adventures now.

I have seen tons of nice and inspiring photos from others but not me. I envy them and I love photography alot! Here I have my dream came through and I can shoot as many as I want and have my own photography style.

Can't wait to take some good pics and of coz I am still a newbie. Yay !

Thursday, April 3, 2008

Stressing day !

I have been stressing out alot lately and mainly is because my career and future bothering me so much. I ain't happy like I used to be and I have been thinking all day long.

I have been placed back to my office about 7th weeks for doing nothing except studying. 7th week is so long for me and I never been on the office that long. I bet no one would like go back to the office since we all know is very boring and tedious place. Once you are back to the office and you have no idea when and which is your next assignment. The worse come to worse is they laying off people from time to time. No body would like to talks and they are worrying who will be the next. What a day ?

They had let go some of my closed coworkers recently. This is one of the reason I am upset lately as well. Sometime, I do hope they will let me go so that I can break the tense. Everyday, I keep asking myself when can I get out of this bad situation? I circling myself with this questions and I become more depressing.

Today, I think this is not healthy for me being so depress. I don't feel being depress will help me. I would like to see the smilling face and happy heart. Nothing I can do in this bad situation and why not I stay optimistic to pray for something good come to me soon?

Please pray for me to get more lucks! Let's hope tomorrow I will be better than today.

Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Dinner Treat

Yesterday my hubby got some raise and I asked him for a big treat. He said sure and where are we headed to ? I have no thought of anything except Japanese foods. I like go to Sasaki for japanese foods and there are some reasons for it. The owner of the restaurant is Japanese and the chef too. There are always some japanese people come for dinner there and I feel like I am really having authentic japenese foods. The main reason we came to Sasaki is also the food are tasty and they served good quality food.

We have ordered a bendon box that came along with alot of foods and some sushi rolls.We both really enjoyed the foods and we kept asking for more gingers. I am sure we both like Japanese foods so much. Can't wait to go there again althought the bill is expensive.

Sunday, March 30, 2008

Lazy and boring Sunday

It has been a while I haven't blogging lately. I guess is time for me to get back on track to update my latest life in US.

Today is sunday and it is a very lazy sunday, outside is windy and cloudy as well. Boon and I were upt late this morning and we went out to get our grocery done by noon.

Lately I am so much addicted to "tapiocal Milk Tea" and I know this milk tea is not a healthy choice drink just that I found it an excuse to let me stay awake. Milk tea might be one of the reason I gained some weight as well. Well, It's time to say good bye to the milk tea from now since I know this is something unhealthy.

Every weekend we don't do much thing like we used to be. We both spend most of the times together and having fun all the times. We hardly hang out with friends these days since everyone is busying on their own stuffs. I guess this is part of the life as we growthing up older and older , we might not keep up with every other friends but only few of them. I have found myself feeling boring while staying here since I don't have any closer friend to hang out with. It's so hard to seek a close friend who has the same thought as you and who will care you so much like you do. People here are more selffish as they need you and they call for help. They don't even bother to ring you when they free or keep up with you what's going on to you recently. Well, nothing much I can do at this moment and I really hope I can find some one who will be my closer friend that can share my happiness and sadness when I need him/her to be here.

This remind me of my close fren who are staying in Malaysia. I understand her very well and we both cherish our friendship so much since college times. She just like my little sister as I always wanted to share everything with her. I know one day I am going back to Malaysia and I will have the good times with her again. I just need to be patient to wait for this happening.
I hope that Boon and I will have a very joyfull weekend as we together. I like my weekend to be fullfill and have some laugh and fun ........

Monday, February 18, 2008

Our Wedding @ Malaysia

Jan 19 2008 is our wedding date and we flew back to Malaysia and had our wedding there. It has been a great times to meet up all the closer relatives, friends and family in one place.

We were back to KL and Johor for preparing all the stuffs right before wedding and we had alot of arguments right between. Luckly everthing was under control and it worked well.

We did follow the traditional wedding ceremony and the whole ceremony was not that complicated. Thanks to my best friend suzy for helping out all the things and get them done. Without her, I could not believe I will get my wedding ceremony done.

I do really enjoy my wedding date as much as my husband and the rest of my good buddies who came down to JB. I was so touched that alot of them actually showed up on my big date. It's really mean something to me. Here is my words " Thank you and thank you again!".

P/S: Thanks to my lovely hubby who understand me and love me.

Monday, January 7, 2008

A Baby Shower for baby Issac

Wow, I can't believe that we all were so spontanious to throw a very sweet and warm baby shower for our friends - Boon Hong and Eric Chang. It's a suprise party for both the mom and father to be and we finally got them a big suprised as they thought this party was for evan.

Each of us works as a team to get all the preparations done as we had baby shower decorations : Ballons, Wall decorations that warm up the enviroment, lovely well-decorated baby shower cake ,foods and the lovely gifts from each of us.

We had hear Boon Hong has a complicated pregnancy this time and hope this little party will warm her up and let her smiling. Hope everything will goes well with her and baby Issac.

Special thanks to the men team who worked so hard in the kitchen to get foods done. I do believe man can do better cooking than women. Special thanks to my dearest friends - Teoh's family who hosted the party and also helped out the party. Very gracefully thanks to the my freinds - Sin Yee, John, Kim, Mickey,Sze Lock, Ching , Wei Chien , Victor and Michelle for working so hard to help out the baby shower.

Last but not least, a thousand thanks to my lovely husband for getting the gifts and preparing foods. I know you are always a good husband.

Friday, January 4, 2008

Canon PowerShot S5 IS

I never paid much attentions on the photos on how great the skills of the photographer until I owned my "DSLR" wanna be - Canon S5 IS. S5 has some similar features that allows me to play like the DSLR. S5 IS is manufactured on Sept 2007 and it has pretty much everything needed for newbie to learn to use a DSLR.

Special thanks to my hubby for getting the camera accesories, I started paying attention on how to capturing a good photos. I read some books every night to get better understanding. I have surfing and reading some good articles posted on web site. A lot of photpgraphers sharing their works/photos and experiences on the website and I found out this is a really good attitude for those photographers keen to guide the newbie.

I like to play with S5 IS every night before I go to bed. My favour baby - Guts and also my carton characters toys will be my models. Most of the times I take pictures inside the house and I do really want to spend some spare times taking pictures outdoor. I hope I can manage more spare times for myself and continuing on photography.

P/S: The more you shoot , the better picture you will produce.

Ping Pong day

It's amazing to me that Schlumberger provides a lot of indoor activities to their employees. There are Wii game, Pool table, Foosball table, Ping Pong table and Yoga class. It's a very nice environment for the employees to spend a little times for having some fun during the working days.

It's Friday now. Not much works on the work place and we all sneaked out for our favourite exercise game - Ping Pong. I do like Ping Pong since I was a kid and I don't really play well in Ping Pong.

I never know Indian, American or etc can play ping pong very well. All I saw from the TV is only Chinese people playing this ping pong. What a lousy thought.

After losing the several games in a row, I do feel so sad about it. I don't like being a loser and what can I do to not being a loser? I have bought some good paddles, some good quality ping pong balls and I still being defeated so badly. Well, I think the problem is my ping pong skill not good as the other people. I should have spent more time to training my ping pong skill.

I never thought about what is my hobbies during my spare times. Now I do really know that I want to be expert on photography and Ping Pong.

Thursday, January 3, 2008

My lovely hubby favour dessert - 汤圆

Yesterday, I went to China town in houston to get all the grocery stuffs need for "汤圆". It is already passed winter time and why I still doing it? My lovely husband really likes "汤圆" and I knew last night will be very cold out there, so I made up my mind to give him a surprise.

I looked up the "汤圆" recipe online and I made two different doughs (sweet potatoes and taro). I boiled the sugar cane syrup and placed the "汤圆" inside the syrup. It does taste good and my hubby ate 3 bowls of "汤圆" last night.

Here is the recipe for "汤圆":
Sweet Potatoes /Taro/ Japanese Yam 300g
Glutino Rice Flour 200g
Potato Starch 50g
Salad Oil/ Cooking oil 1tbsp
Warm water adjustable
Screw Pine leave (pandan leave)
Ginger (Slice)
Sugar Cane cubes

  1. Boiled/steamed the Sweet Potatoes/Taro/Yam until soft.
  2. Used fork to smash the sweeet potaoes/taro/yam.
  3. Place the mash sweet potatoes/taro/yam , glutino rice flour, potato starch, salad oil and warm water together , knead till it become a soft dough.
  4. Take a small part of dough out and roll it with hand palm to make a small 汤圆.
  5. Boiled the water with ginger, sugar cane cubes and also screw pine leaves until sugar cane cubes dissolved (Sugar cane syrup).
  6. Boiled water in another pot and put all 汤圆 into the pot. Wait till the 汤圆 floats on the water and it can be ready to put into the Sugar Cane syrup.

My only puppy "Guts"

I named my puppy "Guts" and everyone asked why he named "Guts". I like the carton characters in the 'IQ 博士' and there is a little machine boy named "小吉" and he wouldn't able to speak any words except some sounds (Same as my puppy except whining and barking). I started raising Guts on August 2007. There is a reason I want to have a puppy because I feel lonely all the times.

"Guts" means brave and also prosperous and fortune in mandarin. "Guts" is a mixed breeds of Cocker Spaniel and poodle (Cockapoo). He has a curly and creamy coats. He also has two long ears with light brown color coat. "Guts" is enjoying outdoor a lot, he is dying to go outdoor and check things out. He loves to climb up on the passenger seat to check out the beautiful scene and windy air out.

He is about 8 lbs now with a fluffy coats. He has been well trained lately as he would know where to pee and poo (training pad) in the house. He hardly messed up his lovely sleeping bed anymore.

One nice thing about Guts is he can play with himself without disturbing me while I was watching TV. He will stay closer to me and play with his own toys.

I do really love "Guts" and every time I will kiss him and told him how much I love him.

New Year Resolutions

I never set any new year resolutions to myself seriously. I started thinking of what I really want to do for 2008. Planning ahead for a year might be too far for some people but to me this is not. I do remind myself that life is too short and time flies everyday, I really do want to have something extraordinary to my daily life. A little surprise or achievement might help to light up my day.

Here is the list I came up for the things I want to accomplish in year 2008.
  • Get a home sweet home for my other significant and myself
  • Get a nice car
  • Having our first baby to start my own family
  • Stay healthy - nothing could buy healthy, so you have to really take good care of yourself.
  • Losing 20 lbs - this is what I kept saying but always failed. I do need to be more determined.
  • Go to gym 3 times a week
  • Saving money - stop spendthrift.
  • Earning more money
  • A trip to Europe

I know that I have so many hopes in the list and people might think it could not be able to accomplished all of them in the year end. Well, as long as there is a little hope I will still hope for that. Let's see how is coming to the year end.

Happy 2008 !