Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Sweet Cake, Sweet Gifts and Sweet Friends !

Today, I am officially turning 30. Yahooooo Time fly! People said women turning 30 is beautiful and I hope we all stay young and pretty(Let's hope!). I got alot of greetings from friends in Houston and also from Malaysia. The best gifts i got today is all your greetings and I love it.

30 is just a begining for another path of my life. I am exciting for this adventure and I hope I could do more and do not waste my times any more. All my b-day wish is a simple and relax day for me. How simple could it be right ?

Last night, my good friends came to my house and throwning a suprise b-day party to me. I kinda sense it for the whole day but not mentioned it out. I could see how nice you guys treated me as a friend and I really feel that I am luckly to have friends like you all. Thanks and I really appreciated it !

My buddy-Hui Fun bought me a cheese cake, it's beautiful and also tasty. I love the cake very much and I really feel touch that she had preparing the cake for me. Thanks again for the cake and your thoughtful care.

Thanks to Helena for getting me a gift and I do really like it. She got me a fruit taste of candle perfume. She is so sweet man.

I would smile when I got a greetings from friend through phone, email , text msg , MSN msg and etc. Thanks for remembering my big day and I know you all care about me as I do.

What would be more happier than having a bunch of good friends with you ? I feel blessing.

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