Wednesday, August 27, 2008

To my deareast friends - I miss you all !

Lately I have been so lazy to catching up with my friends in Malaysia. It could be a long distance connection is hard to keep up with and also the buziness of everyone. Some are pregnant ,some are busy with their families and some might be too busy to socialize as well.

Well, I have been tired of calling each people every week over the phone. Sometime I thought of why I haven't get any calls from my friends over the country to say Hello or even chit chat? Aren't friendship is two ways of communications ?

Today, I got an email from San and she is my best friend whom grew up with me. I always treat her like a younger sister although she is grwoning up now. I should thanks her for the true fren feeling with me. Sometime is so hard for me to tell people that I love them but I find a better way to say it here. I do really love all my dearest friends who cheer me up , make me laugh , tease me when I do silly things and etc. When I fall down, you all always there be with me to be strong. Thanks for everything you all have done for me.You all are the best friends I ever met.

I wish I can have get together with you all more times in Malaysia so that we can have alot of funs and laughs together. I still missing the mamak stall chit chat when we have nothing to do at night. I miss the times when we teased someone for the high school rumors..... what a sweet memories in my mind till now.

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