Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Fail and New Start

It's hard to admit that I failed on my this year goals. I set up myself with so many goals and make myself harder and harder to breath. I been streesing out alot throughout the year. My life is up and down like the weather.

I have been complaining alot regarding life and job and etc. Well, it's useless no matter what I told because I have to face my life by myself but not the others. I came to know the more pains the more I will be learning. I kinda awake by now that I should shut up and keep patient to work towards my gaols one step by step.

Many thanks to friend those cheer me up and many thanks to my loving hubby for patient and understanding. Let's no worries now , I know what I want and what I should be doing. I feel relax and worries free.

Here my little goal for 2 months. I had a bet with my best friend to lose weight : 5 kg in 2 months. It been a little off the edge because the prize for this bet is expensive and also the punishment for this bet is harsh to put on 5 extra kg. Wow .... Never said never. I try my best and every possibilities way to lose my weight. Exercise and diet are what I plan for lose weight. I have to learn be determine and patient. Another good way for exercise is to built up my health. I am so weak lately. I need to be strong.

55kg , here I come !

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