Friday, February 6, 2009

Yes ! I made it!

Ah ha ! I have losing 2 lbs from 135 to 133 now. I feel good when my hubby told me that I look good. I feel good and confident when my friends told me that I have lose some weights. That's really nice to hear the praise although I am not skinny enough. But I am on my way to working towards my ideal weight.

I have been consistently go to gym 3-4 times per week. I have been controlling myself to cut down the foods even thought some time I failed but I made it through lot of times. Yahoooo! One of my best frens skip lunch and she back to her before pregnancy weight and I was so mad at myself because I am eating without control. I keep telling myself I want to be pretty and I also just eating fruits for lunch and go gym after work. Yey, Pretty gal always skinny.

I believe determination and patient is important especially you want to lose some weight. I dislike myself being ugly fatty women in the photos and I always telling my frens that I want to be hot mama if I have a bb. Hehheheheh!

Anyway, I feel confident if I can be skinny and dress nicely. 55 kg here I am coming.

Here are my ways to lose weight :
- More meals but less portion everyday
- 4 hours before sleep no more foods(including fruits)
- Exercise everyday if possible (at least 3-4 timesper week)
- Eat healthy
- One day in a week eat whatever you like so that you are satisfy with food
- Skip/Eat less for lunch

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