Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Hang in there Joann !

I have been talking to a few good frens and we all working hard on losing weight plan. I do beleive every girl always claim herself looks fatty. I dont want to be very slim look but I only hope I can have my ideal weight 120lbs that make me looks healthy and pretty.

I have been keeping up with losing weight for 4 weeks nows and I believe I am doing good. I tried to go to gym for 3-4 times per week and a few times I do lazy to go exercise. Whenever I feel lazy to go gym and I will confess myself to one of my frens who workout everyday and she will motivate me go to gym and not feeling guilty anymore.

Today I weight myself and I still maintain around 130 lbs. I feel happy because I still maintaining my weight after taking lot of foods over the weekend. I should workout harder this week and eat light for dinner.

"Hang in there Joann !" That's what i told myself. I want to make progress to 128 for this week. Let's get the gear on !

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