Friday, April 24, 2009

I am still working hard to lose my weight!

Last month, I was so motivated to work on my lose weight plan. The plan worked fine for me as I can see my weight goes down. Unfortunately, I get some pain issues from both the legs and back, my Dr. advised me to stop work out on heavy exercise. Hence, I stop gym exercise and only get some light walks after dinner some times.

Surprisingly that I still manage to maintain 129 lbs after a month after stopped exercise. I am glad and feel good that all my hard works do pay off. Once in a while I still struggle with Milk Tea( although I know it's bad for my health) and some chocolates. Ahhh, I tried to take as less as I can do. These days my stomach start making noise on night time and I am learning to stop taking foods after dinner. I hope it will get use to it soon.

I am start practicing to eat healthy (less sugar, less salt, less oils) and quit some of my bad munching habits. Hope this will be on going and my lose weight plan will work for me.
p/s: I do regret not going to gym while I can and healthy. It's a lesson learn do what you can do when u still can .....

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