Monday, February 18, 2008

Our Wedding @ Malaysia

Jan 19 2008 is our wedding date and we flew back to Malaysia and had our wedding there. It has been a great times to meet up all the closer relatives, friends and family in one place.

We were back to KL and Johor for preparing all the stuffs right before wedding and we had alot of arguments right between. Luckly everthing was under control and it worked well.

We did follow the traditional wedding ceremony and the whole ceremony was not that complicated. Thanks to my best friend suzy for helping out all the things and get them done. Without her, I could not believe I will get my wedding ceremony done.

I do really enjoy my wedding date as much as my husband and the rest of my good buddies who came down to JB. I was so touched that alot of them actually showed up on my big date. It's really mean something to me. Here is my words " Thank you and thank you again!".

P/S: Thanks to my lovely hubby who understand me and love me.

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