Sunday, March 30, 2008

Lazy and boring Sunday

It has been a while I haven't blogging lately. I guess is time for me to get back on track to update my latest life in US.

Today is sunday and it is a very lazy sunday, outside is windy and cloudy as well. Boon and I were upt late this morning and we went out to get our grocery done by noon.

Lately I am so much addicted to "tapiocal Milk Tea" and I know this milk tea is not a healthy choice drink just that I found it an excuse to let me stay awake. Milk tea might be one of the reason I gained some weight as well. Well, It's time to say good bye to the milk tea from now since I know this is something unhealthy.

Every weekend we don't do much thing like we used to be. We both spend most of the times together and having fun all the times. We hardly hang out with friends these days since everyone is busying on their own stuffs. I guess this is part of the life as we growthing up older and older , we might not keep up with every other friends but only few of them. I have found myself feeling boring while staying here since I don't have any closer friend to hang out with. It's so hard to seek a close friend who has the same thought as you and who will care you so much like you do. People here are more selffish as they need you and they call for help. They don't even bother to ring you when they free or keep up with you what's going on to you recently. Well, nothing much I can do at this moment and I really hope I can find some one who will be my closer friend that can share my happiness and sadness when I need him/her to be here.

This remind me of my close fren who are staying in Malaysia. I understand her very well and we both cherish our friendship so much since college times. She just like my little sister as I always wanted to share everything with her. I know one day I am going back to Malaysia and I will have the good times with her again. I just need to be patient to wait for this happening.
I hope that Boon and I will have a very joyfull weekend as we together. I like my weekend to be fullfill and have some laugh and fun ........

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