Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Get back to Gym !

I have been so motivated go to gym and my weight was dropping till 130.2 lb last week but unfortunately my Dr told me that I should not work out so extensively as my back still hurting me. My Dr. advised me to take some walk for my exercise and I know if I stopped all my gym exercise and it will be hard for me to lose more weight. Well, I have to walk longer in order to keep my weigth. However, I had catched up cold and sick for a day and hence I have no been to the gym since last week. I feel guilty for not being to exercise and lose control for my diet. Badly me !

I can see I am lack of determination and I probably will stop exercising evertually. Nah! I wont let this happened. My hubby told he will go to gym and I think I should better go to gym as well for some power walk and get some sweats. Grabbed my exercise bag and waiting to go to gym after work!

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