Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Keep It Up JoAnn ! 持之以恒 !

I feel better today as I weighted myself this morning and my weight being dropped from 133lbs to 131.8 lbs now. My weight lose plan is working great for me. I aint feel hungry or craving for any kind of foods. I just stick with the principle for eat more times but small portions and concsistently work out. I beleive this time I can lose some weight and my ideal weight is 120 lbs. I keep reminding myself go to gym after works for healthy and weight lose reasons. I feel good when I seeing my weight is dropping down.

Big thanks to my frens who remind me their determination go to gym everyday and they are eating less foods. If they can do it so do I. Looking forward go to gym for sweating again!

After spoke to a few close frens I realzed that they are good with determination and that's why they are losing lot of weight but not me yet. I figured out all of my failures is caused of lack of the determination and I need to be persistence to my workout.持之以恒 is what I need. I shall practice on my consistent from now onward and let's see how it goes from time to time.

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