Friday, January 4, 2008

Canon PowerShot S5 IS

I never paid much attentions on the photos on how great the skills of the photographer until I owned my "DSLR" wanna be - Canon S5 IS. S5 has some similar features that allows me to play like the DSLR. S5 IS is manufactured on Sept 2007 and it has pretty much everything needed for newbie to learn to use a DSLR.

Special thanks to my hubby for getting the camera accesories, I started paying attention on how to capturing a good photos. I read some books every night to get better understanding. I have surfing and reading some good articles posted on web site. A lot of photpgraphers sharing their works/photos and experiences on the website and I found out this is a really good attitude for those photographers keen to guide the newbie.

I like to play with S5 IS every night before I go to bed. My favour baby - Guts and also my carton characters toys will be my models. Most of the times I take pictures inside the house and I do really want to spend some spare times taking pictures outdoor. I hope I can manage more spare times for myself and continuing on photography.

P/S: The more you shoot , the better picture you will produce.

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