Friday, January 4, 2008

Ping Pong day

It's amazing to me that Schlumberger provides a lot of indoor activities to their employees. There are Wii game, Pool table, Foosball table, Ping Pong table and Yoga class. It's a very nice environment for the employees to spend a little times for having some fun during the working days.

It's Friday now. Not much works on the work place and we all sneaked out for our favourite exercise game - Ping Pong. I do like Ping Pong since I was a kid and I don't really play well in Ping Pong.

I never know Indian, American or etc can play ping pong very well. All I saw from the TV is only Chinese people playing this ping pong. What a lousy thought.

After losing the several games in a row, I do feel so sad about it. I don't like being a loser and what can I do to not being a loser? I have bought some good paddles, some good quality ping pong balls and I still being defeated so badly. Well, I think the problem is my ping pong skill not good as the other people. I should have spent more time to training my ping pong skill.

I never thought about what is my hobbies during my spare times. Now I do really know that I want to be expert on photography and Ping Pong.

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Nilanjan said...

Hi Little Joann,
This is Roy. I am new in Houston, working in the same company as you have mentioned in your blog.
The Ping Pong blog entices me as I feel exactly the same in similar situations. Well, why not we give it a shot....make a regular effort to play on fridays/saturdays ? Once a week is what works best for me.
When I read your blog, I decided to ask you this question. If you are interested please email me at

Nilanjan Roy (Im from India btw).