Thursday, January 3, 2008

My lovely hubby favour dessert - 汤圆

Yesterday, I went to China town in houston to get all the grocery stuffs need for "汤圆". It is already passed winter time and why I still doing it? My lovely husband really likes "汤圆" and I knew last night will be very cold out there, so I made up my mind to give him a surprise.

I looked up the "汤圆" recipe online and I made two different doughs (sweet potatoes and taro). I boiled the sugar cane syrup and placed the "汤圆" inside the syrup. It does taste good and my hubby ate 3 bowls of "汤圆" last night.

Here is the recipe for "汤圆":
Sweet Potatoes /Taro/ Japanese Yam 300g
Glutino Rice Flour 200g
Potato Starch 50g
Salad Oil/ Cooking oil 1tbsp
Warm water adjustable
Screw Pine leave (pandan leave)
Ginger (Slice)
Sugar Cane cubes

  1. Boiled/steamed the Sweet Potatoes/Taro/Yam until soft.
  2. Used fork to smash the sweeet potaoes/taro/yam.
  3. Place the mash sweet potatoes/taro/yam , glutino rice flour, potato starch, salad oil and warm water together , knead till it become a soft dough.
  4. Take a small part of dough out and roll it with hand palm to make a small 汤圆.
  5. Boiled the water with ginger, sugar cane cubes and also screw pine leaves until sugar cane cubes dissolved (Sugar cane syrup).
  6. Boiled water in another pot and put all 汤圆 into the pot. Wait till the 汤圆 floats on the water and it can be ready to put into the Sugar Cane syrup.

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