Thursday, January 3, 2008

My only puppy "Guts"

I named my puppy "Guts" and everyone asked why he named "Guts". I like the carton characters in the 'IQ 博士' and there is a little machine boy named "小吉" and he wouldn't able to speak any words except some sounds (Same as my puppy except whining and barking). I started raising Guts on August 2007. There is a reason I want to have a puppy because I feel lonely all the times.

"Guts" means brave and also prosperous and fortune in mandarin. "Guts" is a mixed breeds of Cocker Spaniel and poodle (Cockapoo). He has a curly and creamy coats. He also has two long ears with light brown color coat. "Guts" is enjoying outdoor a lot, he is dying to go outdoor and check things out. He loves to climb up on the passenger seat to check out the beautiful scene and windy air out.

He is about 8 lbs now with a fluffy coats. He has been well trained lately as he would know where to pee and poo (training pad) in the house. He hardly messed up his lovely sleeping bed anymore.

One nice thing about Guts is he can play with himself without disturbing me while I was watching TV. He will stay closer to me and play with his own toys.

I do really love "Guts" and every time I will kiss him and told him how much I love him.

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